3 Things You Can Do Today To Help Prevent A Binge

3 Things You Can Do Today To Help Prevent A Binge

Watch this FREE on-demand mini-training for 3 things you can implement today to help prevent a binge or feeling out of control with your eating.

After watching the mini-training you will:

  • Know the difference between overeating, emotional eating and binge eating

  • Understand why the common reasons diet culture says binges happen are actually myths

  • Have three practical things you can do today that can help leave you less vulnerable to a binge

  • Know your options for where to go for next steps

Immediately after signing up, you will get:

  • The video recording of the mini-training, complete with captions

  • A transcript of the video recording

  • A workbook to take the theory into practice

  • A bunch of additional resources and options for next steps to support your learning

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